Let’s chat about your ideas. We can do this over coffee, or over the phone, or via email. I like to make sure I'm a great match for your project so I can provide you a fantastic client experience. We’ll talk about your project objectives and requirements, cover your and discuss your creative brief. With this information I can provide a project proposal and contract for review. The proposal addresses expectations regarding revisions, rates, and payment schedule — you know, the important (but boring) details. Upon client approval, we’ll begin gathering source materials in preparation for the design work to commence.

Prior to beginning the design, I like to get a sense of client likes/dislikes by having my clients gather inspiration source materials relevant to our project: Show me a favorite magazine, color swatches, relevant web site, your competitor’s materials, or an example of an ad that you find successful. It’s a little like client homework, but it helps tremendously to gain a more complete picture of how you envision the outcome of your design, and how it will fit into the bigger picture.

Design / Production
The fun part, where the client's ideas begin to come to life! The research, creative brief, and source materials I've been provided aid me in brainstorming and then in creating initial sketches. I'll refine these ideas, and present drafts for review (typically as PDFs) to show you how our project is progressing. We'll review and refine these drafts as we go along. I’ll keep you informed every step of the way, leaving you confident that the project is in good hands. Once the final design is approved, we begin implementation.

A designer’s role doesn’t end with the final design approval. Whether it's joining you at a press check, or keeping tabs on your brochure's printing schedule, I work with you to keep vendors on task, ensuring our project is properly produced and implemented. (Then we get to do a little happy dance for a job well done!) Keeping the lines of communication open, I enjoy hearing from clients about how the project has impacted their audience. I encourage my clients to contact me if materials need a future update or refresh.