Case Study

Client: Little Linguists Arts Academy

Challenge: The Little Linguists had a logo, a new name, and an expanded mission: To provide not only language programs, but also music, art and physical education programs to schools and individual students. Included concept explorations to define the new visual vocabulary, and roll out the new visual identity in crafting a brochure, presentation pocket folder, business cards, curriculum sheets, and website elements.

Results: The colorful, energetic, cohesive new look across all branded collateral was met with positive feedback and additional programming interest and engagement from prospective educational institutions.

Graphic design, visual identity, typography, infographics, color palette

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Visual vocabulary research and exploration

Sample of the graphic elements, typographical treatments, color palette and design research that would evolve to define the new Little Linguist Arts Academy visual vocabulary for all print collateral and online integration.


Presentation pocket folder


Trifold brochure with back cover Infographic


Business Cards